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What are the characteristics of PET large-scale melt gear pum

In PET production, the melt gear pump plays a crucial role. High temperature and high viscosity melt is transported by the melt gear pump under high pressure to the cutting or downstream spinning device, and its performance directly affects the normal operation of PET and downstream spinning devices.

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The large-size melt gear pump used for PET is usually driven by a motor, reducer, and universal coupling. The melt gear pump belongs to a positive displacement forced delivery pump, and the pump output flow can be adjusted by adjusting the pump speed. It is recommended to use a frequency conversion speed regulation method to achieve near linear flow output of the gear pump. The melt gear pump used in PET production equipment has good self priming performance and can be applied in conditions with vacuum inlet. It has advantages such as precise structure, high accuracy, and long service life.

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Batte melt pump is an important supplier of melt gear pumps for the recycled PET industry in China, providing matching services for melt gear pumps for multiple domestic PET industry projects. Detailed understanding of melt gear pumps used in PET production equipment.


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