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working pressure and temperature of extruder melt pump

Overview of the working pressure of the extruder melt pump: The inlet pressure of the extruder melt pump does not need to be too high, generally 3-5 MPa. High viscosity fluids require a higher inlet pressure. Sometimes, in order to enhance the mixing effect of the melt in the extrusion screw, a higher pressure is required at the screw head to increase the reflux. At this time, the inlet pressure of the extruder melt pump can be adjusted higher. The inlet pressure can be easily obtained by adjusting the upstream device (such as an extruder) to match the flow rate of the melt pump. The large pressure difference reflects the pressure building ability of the thermoplastic extrusion pump. The sum of inlet pressure and differential pressure is the outlet pressure. The outlet pressure of the extruder melt pump depends on factors such as die shape, melt viscosity, and flow rate. When selecting the operating temperature and pressure of the melt pump, users should meet the usage requirements, and do not have to choose an excessively high level. Because the melt pump can work normally under high temperature and pressure, it needs to be supported by the special materials, structures, and corresponding power devices of the thermoplastic melt pump manufactuer; Melt pumps with high temperature and pressure resistance levels also have higher costs.

thermoplastic hot melt pumps

The working temperature of the special thermoplastic hot melt pumps for the extruder generally reaches 300 degrees Celsius, which can meet the requirements for conveying most plastic melts. The melt pump with a higher temperature can reach 500 degrees Celsius. The working pressure of a melt pump is usually represented by three parameters, namely, large inlet pressure, large outlet pressure, and large differential pressure. The general melt pump has a large inlet pressure of 10-12MPa, a large outlet pressure of 35MPa, and a large differential pressure of 25MPa. The ZB-H series high-temperature high-pressure polymer melt pump provided by Zhengzhou Bart has a large inlet pressure of 20MPa, a large outlet pressure of 70MPa, and a large differential pressure of 50MPa.


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