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Melt pumps for plastic pelletizing lines

The main function of the thermoplastic melt pump is to pressurise and stabilise the high temperature plastic melt from the extruder and then send a steady flow to the extruder head. Its ability to stabilise the melt pressure and flow rate is superior to all types of extruders. When used in tandem with a single-screw or co-rotating twin-screw extruder, it can significantly increase the efficiency of the entire production line. High temperature pelletizing melt pump product features:

melt pump for plastic pelletizing lines

1. low pressure and flow pulsation (output pressure: 0~276 Bar)

2. Good self-priming performance (suction pressure: vacuum - 0.08MPa), large viscosity range (1000~40,000,000cps)

3. High thermal effect of the reactor pump, the pump is heated by electric heating rod or heat conduction oil, the temperature can reach 350°C

4. The melt pump can be used with packing seal, mechanical seal or both, which can effectively prevent the leakage of material.

5. The melt pump can be made of 304 or 316 stainless steel to convey corrosive media.

Batte melt pump + double column screen changer for PU pelletizing lines

The high precision gear gap and volumetric structure design make stable and balanced extrusion possible, which is widely used in the production lines of chemical fibre, granulation, plastic film, sheet, plate, profile, pipe, wire and cable, wire drawing and compound extrusion.


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