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Introduction of melt blown process

  Melt pump melt blown technology is a kind of filament drawing technology. The polymer is extruded through the holes arranged in a straight line, and the fibers are formed under a certain angle of high-speed hot air jet. These fibers are stretched or stretched thin, cooled by air, and form a flat net with porous structure on the moving conveyor belt with vacuum suction.

  The key to the successful production of uniform fiber mesh may be directly related to the uniform supply of polymer fluid and stretch air at the exit of spinneret. With the help of two equally reliable technologies, polymer distribution can be successfully completed. The first is the direct metering method. The polymer is metered by a group of precise gear pumps into the spinneret hole, which is a well-known metering and distribution method. The second is the distribution method of jacket hanger. The polymer is metered to a rather wide distribution chamber called jacket hanger, and its unique size enables the polymer to be evenly transported to all spinning holes in the spinning box according to the flow rate, residence time and temperature conditions. Two equally reliable technologies can be used to successfully distribute air. The first one is high pressure and low capacity distribution. High pressure air is applied to distribute air equally at the air gap outlet through a simple air distribution pipe. The second is low pressure and high capacity distribution, which uses a unique chamber design to make the air evenly distributed. In both cases, air expands and compresses a series before entering the air gap.

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