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How to make melt pump flow stable

  Flow stability method: the first use of melt pump must be filled with pump body as priming water. When the suction pipe is to be absolutely sealed and started, the flow is not stable. It is normal because it is stable after exhausting air.

  1. The suction pipe of melt pump is equipped with a bottom valve, which can not be sucked up normally, so it is suggested to select a suitable bottom valve.

  2. Because the length of the inlet pipe exceeds the self-priming ability of the melt pump, if the pipe submerged in the water is more than 1 meter, it is suggested to shorten the length of the pipe in the water and reduce the self-priming interval.

  3. The melt pump has not yet sucked up the water, so there is no water at the end of the outlet pipe. Some users understand this situation as the reason why the lift of the melt pump cannot be reached. Therefore, a ball valve and a pressure gauge should be installed at the outlet of the melt pump, and the pressure gauge should be installed between the pump outlet and the ball valve to facilitate the investigation of the outlet pressure and determine whether the water is sucked up.

  4. The head of the melt pump is too high under the wrong practical working condition, and the head of the melt pump is not satisfied with the requirements of the practical working condition. The solution that the head of the melt pump cannot reach can only replace the high head melt pump.

  5. The delivered liquid contains debris particles. Because the pipeline or pump body is blocked and its melt pump head can not reach, the self-priming sewage pump is more suitable for the delivery of sewage.

  6. The corrosion of the delivered liquid is severe, and the impeller of the melt pump has suffered severe corrosion. It is suggested to select corrosion-resistant melt pump products, such as stainless steel melt pump or fluoroplastic melt pump. Perhaps after a long time of use, the impeller of the melt pump has suffered wear, and the gap between the impeller and the pump cover is too large, which is also the reason why the lift of the melt pump cannot be reached. It is suggested to replace the new melt pump impeller.

  7. There is a mistake between the melt pump head purchased by the user and the self-made motor. For example, in practice, 2900r / min motor is needed and the user has made 1450r / min motor.

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