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Effect of Mechanical Installation Accuracy on Driving Torque

  The control part of the melt pump is usually composed of frequency conversion motor, gear transmission, transmission shaft and so on. In the process of installation, it is necessary to find the concentricity of the input shaft and the output shaft of the melt pump manually. The deviation of the concentricity is compensated by universal coupling. This method can allow greater deviation of the concentricity. In general, the space intersection angle between the axis line of the melt pump and the axle line of the gear box can be compensated in the range of 10 to 15 degrees, which will not cause the increase of driving torque. However, this compensation method also has a disadvantage: when the space intersection angle of the two axes is larger, the angular speed and teeth of the driving shaft of the melt pump will appear. The worse the synchronization of the angular velocity of the output axle of the wheel box is, that is to say, the output axle of the gear box rotates evenly, and the more the rotation speed of the input axle of the pump increases with the above-mentioned intersection angle, the more uneven the rotation speed is. Usually, the intersection angle is controlled in the range of 0.5 degrees to 10 degrees during installation. But sometimes the angle of intersection becomes larger due to the deformation of the frame, the artificial error of installation and the loosening of the fixed part, which is not easy to detect.

  Non-universal coupling is one of the ways to avoid the above-mentioned situation. Plum-blossom coupling is one of the ways. This way requires high installation accuracy, axial and radial deviation to be controlled within 0.2mm. There is no synchronization between the speed of melt pump and that of driving part, but sometimes because of frame deformation. Man-made errors in installation, loosening of fixed parts and failure of bearings will cause significant increase in driving torque, even overload protection or cutting of safety pins. Domestic large-scale melt pump manufacturers, with advanced processing technology and perfect quality inspection process, guarantee to provide each melt pump equipment, with high accuracy, long life and other advantages.

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