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Points for Attention in Dismantling Polypropylene Metering Pu

  Polypropylene metering pump conveys dangerous chemicals. When TEAL transported by the pump ignites with air and explodes in water, if the treatment is not clean, it is easy to cause casualties when the pump head of the polypropylene metering pump is dismantled. Before dismantling the pump head of the polypropylene metering pump, the pipeline and working chamber between the cut-off valves at the inlet and outlet of the pump must be ensured and cleaned with industrial white oil without residue. In order to clean the system oil, the following points should be paid attention to:

  1. It is necessary to ensure the normal supply of flushing oil. Before flushing, check whether the oil pump of the fuel supply pump is started and whether the outlet pressure is normal. At the same time, make sure that the flushing oil flow is open.

  2. When the flushing flow rate is set to start flushing, the flushing pneumatic valve should be confirmed to have been opened on the spot, the flushing oil should be confirmed to have flow rate through the vibration of pipeline, and after the flushing pneumatic valve is closed, the display value of accumulative flowmeter should be confirmed to be reduced to zero.

  3. Ensure that the amount of flushing oil is sufficient.

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