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Study on Performance and Structure of Double-drive Melt Pump

Configuration of melt pump in polymer extrusion processing system can reduce the requirement of extruder pressure building and conveying capacity, greatly improve the output and stability of production line, and significantly reduce the temperature rise and energy consumption of extruded materials.

Using large double drive melt pump has become a trend in the petrochemical industry.

Compared with single drive melt pump, its gear teeth are in meshing non-contact state, and there is no meshing force when working, thus effectively reducing the possibility of fatigue damage of single gear shaft (especially driven shaft) due to excessive load. On the basis of previous research on single-drive melt pump, this paper studies the design of some main structure and performance parameters of large-scale double-drive melt pump. The influence of the structure parameters of the gear of the melt pump on the displacement and flow fluctuation of the melt pump is summarized. By using the non-standard design of the gear profile, a scheme of increasing the geometric displacement of the gear profile is proposed.

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