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How to adjust the thickness of extrusion plate

The uneven thickness of extruded sheets is a tense problem. When extruding thin sheets for hot forming, the uniform thickness is tense against the wall thickness of the part to be formed and the optical deformation to be guarded against. These two are tense quality problems for packaging. Thickness changes in thick sheets can lead to other deformation problems - you often have to reheat the sheet on the roller to flatten it.

The thickness of coil is probably in machine direction (MD) or transverse direction (TD), and there are various reasons related to configuration, material and process. The key point of traditional thickness change elimination is to add a set of scanning thickness control system. A better way is to deal with the problems that cause change. If this can be done, the thickness measurement system will not have to work too hard and can be used to mediate the remaining small bumps.

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