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thermoplastic extrusion pump mechanical reasons explained

  thermoplastic extrusion pump mechanical reasons explained

  ① pump and coupling connection requirements due to irregularities arising from the vibration and noise. Should be required for adjustment of the coupling.

  ② due to oil contamination into the pump gear and other components leading to strain and wear noise. Oil should be replaced, reinforced filter, disassemble the pump cleaning; wear serious gear shall be repaired or replaced.

  ③ pump parts damaged or worn serious vibration and noise will be generated: as the tooth pitch error or error, two gears poor contact, the tooth surface roughness is high, normal length-tolerance, the backlash is too small, two gear The contact area is not in the pitch circle location. In this case, replace the gear or the gear on the research. Meanwhile, needle roller bearings Cage damage, the length of the shaft journal and needle wear, can lead to bearing swivel poor mechanical noise is generated, this time for an overhaul thermoplastic extrusion pump, replace the needle bearings.

  ④ gear axial assembly gap is too small; the sliding gear end joints between the front and rear cover because gear glitch failed to clear carefully before assembly, thereby strained joints during operation, the internal leakage, leading to the reduction of the output flow; dirt into the gear end and wedged in the gap between the front and rear end cap pulled the pump mating surfaces, resulting in high and low pressure chamber due to appear radial strain of the trenches and communication, so that the output flow decreases. Of the situation which should adopt the following measures were repaired. Dismantling thermoplastic extrusion pump, that is appropriate to increase the end face of the grinding gears of the axial clearance; cover with the front surface grinder polished face and gear face, and clear the glitch (not chamfered) on the tooth; by plane after grinding front and rear surfaces of the end cap unloading groove depth dimension will change, should be increased width.

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