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thermoplastic extrusion pump causes vibration and noise and

  thermoplastic extrusion pump causes vibration and noise and exclusion

  (1) The intake air

  Also between the pump cover and gland; pump and side cover ①thermoplastic extrusion pump as hard seal direct contact, if the flatness of contact surfaces do not meet requirements, the pump is easily inhaled air at work is also in direct contact, air is easily penetrated; if the lid is plastic, due to its damage or deformation due to temperature changes, but also make Mifengbuyan into the air. Eliminate this failure is: when the flatness pump or pump cover less than the specified time, you can press the "8" -shaped route back and forth grinding with emery on the plate, you can also grind the surface grinder so that flatness of not more than 5μm, and the need to ensure that the vertical plane with the hole degree requirements it; for pump cover and gland at the leak, can be coated with epoxy resin adhesive seal.

  ② the general framework of the shaft seal type seal. If clamping lip spring fall off or encapsulated anti-oil, or lips are strained and aging, we are often in a negative pressure will seal the back-end state of the intake air, and can be replaced with new oil seal to be addressed.

  ③ enough fuel within the fuel tank, or the suction nozzle is not inserted into the oil below the surface, the pump will draw air into the fuel tank and you should add oil to the oil marking; if the return pipe mouth exposed oil surface, sometimes due to the system instantly leaving negative air anti-irrigation into the system, so the return line port should generally inserted into the oil below the surface.

  ④ pump installation location away from the oil is too high, especially when the pump speed is reduced, because they can not guarantee the necessary pump suction chamber resulting in insufficient degree of vacuum suction and intake air. You should adjust the relative height of the pump with the oil surface to meet the requirements.

  ⑤ suction filter was clogged dirt or capacity is too small, resulting in oil absorption resistance increase in inhaled air; in addition, into and out of the oil port of larger diameter may also be brought into the air. In this case, washable filter, or select a larger capacity, and import and export of the appropriate diameter filter. So, not only can prevent the inhalation of air, but also to prevent the generation of noise.

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