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How to properly maintain and repair the pump bearings?

  How to properly maintain and repair the pump bearings?

  In order to give full play to the bearing and long-term to maintain its proper performance, we must effectively do regular maintenance (periodic inspection). Through appropriate periodic inspection, so that early detection of failures, prevent accidents in the first place, to improve productivity and economy is very important.

  First, clean the bearings removed for inspection, the first appearance of good photography and other recording methods. In addition, to confirm the remaining amount of lubricant and lubricant sampling, and then cleaning bearings.

  1, bearing coarse washing and cleaning points for sperm washing, and in the bottom of the container used in the metal grid.

  2, coarse wash, brush, etc. used in the oil or grease removal adhesive material. In this case, if the rotation in the oil bearing, note damage due to foreign body rolling surface.

  3, sperm washing, in the oil slowly rotating bearings should be carefully carried.

  Cleaning agent used is generally neutral water-free diesel or kerosene, is sometimes necessary to use warm lye. No matter what kind of cleaning agent used, filter should always be kept clean. After cleaning, immediately bearing anti-rust coating rust oil or grease.

  Second, check with the judge in order to determine whether to re-use the bearings removed, to focus on checking the accuracy of its size, rotation accuracy, internal clearance and with the surface, raceway, cage and ring. On the inspection results, it may be judged with a bearing or bearings are proficient. Judgment criteria based on mechanical properties and importance and inspection cycles vary. If the following injury, the bearings must not be reused and must be replaced.

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