batte melt pump

Main parameters of thermoplast extrusion pump


  Unit time thermoplast extrusion pump discharge flow volume of the liquid flow rate is called with Q, the unit of measurement: cubic meters / hour (m3 / h), l / s (l / s)


  Liquid delivery unit weight (1KG) of energy obtained from the pump inlet (pump suction flange) to pump outlet (pump outlet flange).

  The size of the centrifugal pump head, depending on the structure of the pump (impeller diameter, blade bending conditions, etc.), speed and traffic.

  Common H said that the unit J / kg, m liquid column. (J = N · m)

  Rotating speed

  Pump speed is the number of rotation of the pump per minute, is represented by n.

  Unit: rpm, or r / s


  Work done per unit of time. KW unit


  With η that is a measure of the pump of economic indicators.


  N: pump input power (shaft power)

  Ne: liquid get power (active power)

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