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Warning, thermoplastic extrusion pump using Mistakes!

  Warning, thermoplastic extrusion pump using Mistakes!

  thermoplastic extrusion pump inlet inlet bearing right

  Many machine hand that this practice can improve the lift, had the practice of thermoplastic extrusion pump head = total lift ~ loss of lift. When the thermoplastic extrusion pump type concluded, total lift is inevitable; the loss of lift mainly from the resistance line, the greater the smaller the diameter significant resistance, and therefore the greater the loss of lift, stainless steel corrosion cause analysis, after the diameter is reduced , thermoplastic extrusion pump Practice lift not only can not add, but will be reduced, resulting in lower pump power.

  Similarly, when the small diameter thermoplastic extrusion pump with a large water pump when the pump is not reduced practice head, but because of the line of resistance decreases and reduces the loss of lift, so the practice has improved lift. Also organic hand that small diameter thermoplastic extrusion pump with large pipe pumping inevitably greatly add electrical load, they thought that after the diameter increases, the pressure in the water outlet pipe of thermoplastic extrusion pump impeller is large, and therefore will greatly add motor load. As everyone knows, only the size of the liquid pressure and head bump, but not with the size of pipe cross-sectional area has nothing to do.

  Just lift must, thermoplastic extrusion pump impeller scale invariant, regardless of how much diameter, acting on the impeller is a certain pressure. After only the diameter increases, the flow resistance will decrease, leaving the flow has been added, the power consumption is also appropriate to add. But only within the rated head range, regardless of the diameter add, thermoplastic extrusion pump is to work properly, but also to reduce line losses, improve thermoplastic extrusion pump power.

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