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Various types of controlled pump working process

  Various types of controlled pump working process

  In daily among the common types are controlled pump liquid mixing formula, water ring wheel, jet, etc., then the course of their work on these types of controlled pump, whether we understand it? If you do not understand, the following to introduce various types of work process-controlled pump.

  Working gas-liquid mixing process type controlled pump: As the special structure of self-control controlled pump priming pump body, after priming pump water controlled stop, controlled pump body there is a certain amount of water controlled pump after starting again due to the rotation of the impeller, the intake air and water pipeline mixed and is discharged to air and water separator chamber, the upper chamber of the gas-water separator overflow gas, the lower the return water impeller, suction line again and remaining air Blend until the controlled pump suction and discharge all gas pipe, complete self-absorption, and normal pumping.

  Wheel-controlled pump is a water ring water ring wheel and water controlled pump impeller combination in a shell, with water ring round gas discharge, achieve self-absorption. When controlled pump work, it can cut off the water ring wheel and water controlled pump impeller passage through the valve, and let go of the liquid within the water ring round.

  Jet-controlled pump, centrifugal-controlled pump and a jet-controlled pump (or ejector) combination, relying on the injection device, creating a vacuum aspiration to achieve at the nozzle. In addition, the controlled pump motor types into their supporting power machine supporting controlled pump and diesel engine controlled pump; press to achieve self-priming structure and characteristics of the work can be divided into the inner slide, external Slide, water ring Wheel and other types; press has direct drive transmission mode (including shaft) and belt drive. For these types of work process-controlled pump, and small series is not introduced one by one, if you want to understand these types of company-controlled pump or melt pumps, metering pumps, spinning pumps, chemical pumps, pipeline pumps, etc., please give us a message, or phone consultation, we will open 24 hours a boot.

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