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China Thermoplastic Extrusion pump Machines

Zhengzhou Bart Melt Pump Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing and selling melt pumps, high temperature melt pumps, melt gear pumps, melt metering pumps and precision control systems (PLC) and other products businesses. Is the domestic professional production of melt gear pump earlier business **. The company independently developed and produced MP-S, MP-M, MP-H and other three series of high-temperature melt gear pump products. Polymer melt gear pumps are now widely used in chemical fiber, granulation, plastic film, sheet, sheet, profiles, pipe, wire and cable, drawing, composite extrusion and other production lines, Machinable materials cover most of the high Molecular materials such as PE, PC, PP, PVC, HIPS, PS, PA, TPUR, fluoropolymers, polysulfones, polyesters, thermoplastic elastomers, rubber and thermal adhesives. Company Sets scientific research, production in one, is committed to the development and promotion of melt gear pump products. Companies learn from the same industry at home and abroad with advanced technology experience, strive to create the best products, cheaper prices, perfect service to create a ** professional melt pump manufacturers.

PPS plastic China Thermoplastic Extrusion pump Machines processing methods

(1) Injection: Can be used universal injection molding machine, glass fiber reinforced PPS melt index of 50 is appropriate. Injection molding process conditions are: barrel temperature, pure PPS 280 ~ 330 ℃, 40% GFPPS 300 -350 ℃; nozzle temperature, pure PPS 305 ℃, 40% GFPPS 330 ℃; mold temperature 120-180 ℃; Injection pressure, 50-130 MPA.

(2) Extrusion: Exhaust extruder is adopted, the process is as follows: the feeding section temperature is less than 200 DEG C; the barrel temperature is 300-340 DEG C, the connecting body temperature is 320-340 DEG C and the die temperature is 300-320 DEG C;

(3) Molding: suitable for large products, using two compression, first cooling, hot pressing. Hot preheat temperature of pure PPS is about 360 ℃ 15min, GFPPS is about 380 ℃ 20min; molding pressure of 10 ~ 30Mpa, cooled to 150 ℃ demoulding.

(4) Spray forming: Adopting the suspension spraying method and the suspension spraying and the dry powder thermal spraying mixing method, the PPS is sprayed onto the metal surface and then subjected to plasticization and quenching to obtain the coating; the treatment temperature of the PPS coating is 300 ° C. Above, heat 30min.

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