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Three functional segments of the melt pump extruder

According to the material in the extruder's status and the role of each part of the extruder is different, but will melt extrusion pattern in tube along the screw axial pump is divided into the melt pump solid conveying, plasticizing molten melt pump, and the melt pump melt conveying three functional sections.
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The solid conveying of melt pump is the basis of the whole plasticized extrusion process. Its main function is to transport the solid material to the melting section after compaction. Solid conveying was conducted in barrel feeding, material from the hopper into the extruder screw groove of barrel inner surface and space, be compacted to form a solid plug (bed), and is moving at a constant rate, the movement of the solid plug and material and friction between the screw, machine Jane, if the material and the friction between the screw is less than the material and the friction between machine Jane, the material along the uranium move forward, on the other hand, the material with screw rotation. Charging period of delivery of solid material in the extruder melting period through the barrel outer heater heating and screw and material under the joint action of shear heat to heat up, and gradually melt, melt completely become at last.

Melt pumping is started from the complete melt of the material, and its main function is to further mix and homogenize the molten material, and to overcome considerable flow resistance to the die head. There are four basic forms of flow, flow, cross flow and leakage flow in melt conveying segment. The real flow of melt in extruder is the combination of these four basic flows.

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