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Some Advantages of Harmonic Gear Pump

  1. Harmonic gear pump has symmetrical structure and two discharge chambers and two feed chambers are opened symmetrically with respect to each gear. Therefore, the force acting on the radial hydraulic balancing gear and bearing on the transmission shaft is greatly reduced, which makes the harmonic gear pump have better mechanical properties. Therefore, the deformation of the transmission shaft is reduced, which reduces the wear of the seal face, the internal leakage of liquid, and the volume efficiency is improved.

  2. Even when the downstream resistance of the pump increases and the outlet pressure of the pump rises, the radial hydraulic pressure on the transmission shaft still forms a balanced force system (the resultant force is zero), and the radial force will not increase with the increase of the pump pressure, thus prolonging the life of the bearing and the whole pump. The high pressure of gear pump can be realized, that is to say, the working pressure of gear pump can be increased. The increase of pressure grade of gear pump means that the volume of main engine can be reduced or more compact, and the production cost can be reduced. It is a development direction of gear pump. Harmonic gear pump is conducive to further upgrade the pressure of gear pump, so that it can work continuously and reliably under high pressure conditions above 30 MPa, thus creating conditions for the high pressure of gear pump.

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