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Why use a thermoplast extrusion pump flow control valve?

  Why use a Thermoplast Extrusion Pumps flow control valve Usually hydraulic actuators are required to perform a regulatory element velocity. In the hydraulic system, the actuator is a hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor. Without considering the compressibility and hydraulic oil leakage, the motion speed of the hydraulic cylinder is Y / = Q / A; hydraulic motor speed, 2 = Q / qm, where; Q flow element is input to perform ; A is the effective area of the hydraulic cylinder; qm is the displacement of the hydraulic motor.

  From the two-equation, change the input flow rate Q of hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic cylinders change effective area A, can achieve the purpose of changing the tempo. But for hydraulic cylinders, the design and manufacture of good effective area A hydraulic cylinder can not be changed, only by changing the input flow rate Q of the hydraulic cylinder means to shift, it will have to use a flow control valve. For hydraulic motor, it can also be used to change the input flow method to change the motor displacement shift.

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