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Bart outlined the common sealing methods of the gear metering

As a professional gear melt metering pump manufacturer, Zhengzhou has introduced and analyzed the common seal types and principles of gear metering pumps in detail. The seal form of gear metering pump provided by domestic metering pump manufacturers is mainly divided into five types: 1, pure stuffing seal; 2, spiral + cold water ring seal; 3, spiral + packing seal; 4, three layer combination seal; 5, mechanical seal.

Common pure packing seal: one is made of polytetrafluoroethylene cut fiber as the main material and weaved with special lubricants. It has excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high mechanical strength, and has the advantages of self lubrication, small friction coefficient and small torque. The other is made of flexible graphite line through the heart, with good self lubrication and thermal conductivity, small friction coefficient, and the protection of the shaft. Different types of gear pumps adopt different sealing methods, such as: ZB-K series of bottom metering pumps are mechanical seal + packing seal + spiral seal; ZB--C series reinforced melt metering pump adopts spiral seal; ZB-E series round body metering pump adopts spiral seal + packing seal and so on. Different types of gear metering pumps use different sealing methods, depending on their structural characteristics to take different forms of sealing.

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