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High temperature 0.4CC ZB corrosion resistant melt pump

BATTE melt pump is mainly used for high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt conveying, supercharging and metering. Its main function is to increase and stabilize the high temperature melt from the extruder, and keep the melt flow accurately and stably to the extruder head. Now, the melt gear pump has been widely used in chemical fiber, granulating, plastic film, sheet, sheet, sheet, section, pipe, wire, cable, wire drawing, compound extrusion line. The machinable materials almost cover most of the polymer materials, such as PE, PC, PP, PVC, HIPS, PS, PA, TPUR, and fluoropolymer. Polysulfone, polyester, thermoplastic elastomer, rubber and thermal adhesives.

The PID control system  of BATTE melt pump adopts PID digital instrument and frequency conversion control mode, including pressure, temperature, flow and speed module, which greatly improves the practicability, operability and control precision of the system. The pressure measurement selects the high temperature melt sensor, the temperature measurement selects the spring thermocouple, the temperature controller selects the IKV intelligent digital display instrument, the pressure display adopts the BATTE intelligent digital pressure meter, and the pressure control selects the general high performance frequency converter of the Delta company VFD-B.

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