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Gear and shaft sleeve for maintenance of melt pump

Zhengzhou Batte Melt Pump Co., Ltd. is a professional large-scale melt pump production enterprise that integrates research and development with production. With 20 years of research and development experience and multiple patent certificates, it provides melt conveying solutions for multiple listed companies. Mainly used for pressurization and stable flow conveying of extruders or medium to high viscosity polymers, such as sheet, sheet, pipe, film, cable, co extrusion, mixing, precision extrusion, and other industries. It can also be installed in the melt pipeline as a booster pump; The heating method is mainly electric heating, suitable for processes such as PS PP PET PA ABS PE-LLD.

melt gear pump

For the maintenance of the melt pump, the main repairs are the gears and shaft sleeves. Although high-quality and durable materials are used for the gears and shaft sleeves of the melt pump, it is still important to regularly inspect the melt pump. This is because only regular inspections of gears, bearings, and seals can ensure trouble-free operation. Because gears and bearings are often exposed to corrosive, high-temperature melts, this can lead to long-term erosion of these components, which may cause damage. Therefore, it is important to regularly inspect the melt pump and replace vulnerable parts accordingly to avoid serious damage to the melt pump.

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Zhengzhou Batte not only provides a complete set of melt pump equipment, but also has melt pump displacement ranging from 0.1CC-12000CC. We also provide maintenance services for other brands of melt pumps, such as EPRotec melt pumps from Switzerland, MAAG melt pumps from Switzerland, Witt melt pumps from Germany, and Nordsen melt pumps from the United States.


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